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will close in two states, mississippi and alabama, and find out if the mitt romney can close up the gop nomination or somebody has a sudden death moment. is it the mitt night or not? we will ask the chairman of his campaign, tim pawlenty. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everybody, i'm erin burnett and "outfront" we are counting down and it is game time. it is the political game going on tonight. the republican candidate goesing for the deep south and we have big prizes up for grabs, mi mississippi and alabama, and the total delegates at stake tonight in those two states is 84. if you are keeping track, more than 8 million votes nationwide have been cast in 26 primaries and caucuses so far. the horse race over the past several days has been truly tightening for the states up for grabs the night, and sit down to the wire. we are less than an hour away from the polls closing and will it be sudden death for one of the four candidates to give this country a little clarity of who is in and who might be out of what is a roller coaster race? can newt gingrich rise again as we call canned
, "survivor," alabama and mississippi edition. somebody could get voted off the island. mitt romney needs one win tonight to prove he can win in the south. rick santorum needs one win to remain mitt romney's chief rival. newt gingrich need tops win one to stay viable. and they can't all win one state, so something has to give down south. polls close in misand alabama in one hour, 8:00 eastern and msnbc will bring you up-to-the-minute coverage as votes come in. at 11:00 p.m. eastern, we'll have a full wrap-up of the day's voting on "the ed show." >> chuck todd is political editor and michael steel, former republican party. there are several possible outcomes, there's two states, how many outcomes can there be from the votes tonight in mississippi and alabama? first, let's say santorum wins both tonight. if that happens, that means newt gets blown out of the race, i think. and santorum secures the position of clearly number-one challenger to mitt romney. let's stop. here's another possibility. gingrich could win both tonight. he's from that area. he's from georgia. that could hurt santorum, whi
. they're unbearable. "countdown" is next. >> now on "countdown," mississippi, gingrich, 33% romney 31 31% santorum, 27. >> mathematically this thing about over but emotionally it's not. >> the math is not the issue. the issue is vision. governor romney, who has outspent me 10 to 1 is still not able to close the deal. >> by learn to go say y'all and i light grits, and strange things are happening to me. >> romney is probably the weakest american frontrunner since leonard wood in 1920. >> romney does make a good point about what gingrich just said. >> if i'm a weak frontrunner what does that make gingrich because i'm far ahead of him. >> and 65% of those polled disapprove of the way the president is handling gasoline prices. the republicans try to drill home the connection. >> i can't fill up my truck any more because of gas prices. >> i would sign the keystone pipeline immediately. >> let me let fox remind you again. >> it really is not in the president's hand. >> the next time you hear a politician say he or she will bring down oil prices understand that it's bs. it's difficult because t
tonight, survivor alabama and mississippi edition. somebody could get voted off the island. mitt romney needs one win tonight to prove he can win in the south. just one win for him will do it rick santorum needs one win to remain mitt romney's chief rival. and they can't all win one state, so something has to give down south. polls close in three hours, at 8:00 eastern time. an msnbc will bring you up to the minute coverage as the votes come in. at 11:00 p.m. eastern, we'll have a full wrapup of the day's voting. gingrich and santorum need to deliver a knockout blow to the other, and tonight we'll talk to top strategists for both candidates. meanwhile x we have a second poll saying steep gas prices are going up and taking a toll on president obama's popularity. is there anything a president can do to lower gas prices? most people think there is. if possible, mitt romney has set a new standard for pandering. imagine that. a new standard for pandering, y'all. that's in the sideshow. finally, let me finish with how close this election is getting to look and not just on the republican side,
with the republican nomination turning into a complicated math problem. willard m. romney seems to think the solution is cheesy grits. >> morning, y'all. good to be with you. >> just 24 hours from two important southern primaries. >> tomorrow's southern showdown. >> romney leads with 31, but right behind him gingrich at 30. >> newt's got to show well in alabama and mississippi. >> i think the big surprise is how well mitt romney seems to be doing. >> mitt is predicting a victory in the alabama contest. >> mitt romney needs to prove he can win in the south. >> so let's talk math, shall we? >> the official delegate count is romney at 377, santorum at 146. >> romney's delegate lead being virtually unbeatable. >> a lot of these delegates are uncommitted. >> rick santorum is not giving up on this math question. >> the math is not the issue. >> it really is. >> the issue is vision. >> mitt romney's math is just like mitt romney's conservatism. it's bogus. >> it's keeping romney from willing. >> willard has managed to turn on the southern charm. >> eating grits, i think cheesy grits he called them. >> i've
? it all depends on who wins. what could be three-way squeakers in mississippi and alabama. mitt romney hopes the santorum/gingrich split vote means he could sneak a victory in dixie. >>> for the second day in a row we get a national poll that finds president obama's approval rating slipping as gas prices continue to soar. the white house very defensive on this issue. is there more to these poll results than meet the eye. >>> and the fallout grows after that tragic killing spree in afghanistan. protests on the rise in afghanistan, and here at home pressure builds on the president to bring the troops home. has war fatigue among americans reached an actual tipping point? it's tuesday, march 13th, it's 2012, it's southern super tuesday. this is "the daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. >>> a romney victory tonight in either alabama or mississippi would knock fence sitters off the fence. if gingrich loses either of these southern states, where can he win and where does he go. ahead of today's contest the candidates have declared themselves adopted sons of the south. for these northern republican
in the roller coaster republican presidential race. will alabama and mississippi submit mitt romney as the head. >>> let's begin with the latest round of voting. four contests in all tonight. hawaii and american samoa also casting ballots. most of the attention focused on alabama and mississippi. late polls in both states showed races too close to call. our exit polls also suggest a fierce competition in both states with conservative support. early exit polling, we'll bring this over for you. here we are in the state of mississippi tonight. voters were asked as they went to the polls. what's the most important candidate quality. you can see more than four in ten republican voters in the state of mississippi today say their number one priority is beating president obama in november. about 20% say they want a true conservative. 20% say strong moral character matters most to them. look at the state of alabama. same question. what's the most important candidate quality? little lower number there about four in ten say the most important thing they want is a candidate who can defeat president obama,
live. mitt romney, what is at stake for him tonight? plus the civilian massacre, blunt language from president obama, while new information about the soldier suspect is revealed. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >> the republican race for the white house is all tied up in mississippi and alabama, most primary polls close in four hours. those contests could go anywhere. . what's happens in lafayette, jim? >> the primaries are, all three candidates have a serious shot at taking the checkered flack, all at least at risk for a maybe blowout. with the deep vow. >> reporter: confident that primaries in mississippi and alabama could put him in the gop's driver's seat -- >> under the obama economy, it's been harder these are crushing a lot of people. >> romney has good wins to, and victories by newt ging rich could be just as damaging. >> reporter: he's making the case that the race won't be settled in the south. >> it can be different for anyone to get to the number of delegates with the majority of the convention. >> they laughed that off in an e-mail to reporters, saying
they are the most conservative. tonight could put another notch in mitt romney's belt or continue his questions to rally the republican faithful. >>> nbc's mark murray is joining us now, and ari melbur writes for the nation. we have been saying for a couple weeks now if mitt romney wins it will finally silence his critics. is tonight that important, ari? >> good morning to y'all as they say in the south. i think what's happened here is we know presidential politics are unfair and the goalposts are moving for rick santorum. there was a lot of attention on him making this argument. whether he does decent in southern states, which i'm give mitt romney some credit, it is a home game for santorum, not because of geography but because of social conservative issues, i don't think a strong showing is going to up-end the gop establishment that this is romney's. >> okay, so he's been eating grits and saying y'all. here's some reaction from regular folks in the south. >> when they start talking about grits and biscuits and gravy, it seems like they are kind of talking up to us. >> i don't think anyone is
romney out to prove he can capture the cracker barrel contingent. will it be the sound and if fgu ri of newt gingrich that wins the day or will his results read like as i lay dying. both newt gingrich and santorum vow their staying in this race till the finish. >> we've been running a marathon breathing through a swizzle stick. that's what it felt like. we're just sucking hard on that stick trying to get as much air as we can in to keep ourselves alive. >> we stayed in the race for two reasons. i do not believe the other two candidates can beat obama, and i believe this race is the most important in our lifetime, and i will not leave the field. >> as delegate front-runner down played expectations before heading off to campaign in missouri, he decided to put another silver foot in his mouth talking southern song payteyton manning and professional football as only richie mitt can. >> i got a lot of friends. the owner of the miami dolphins and the new york jets both owners are friends of mine. >> nfl team owners, now joining nascar owners among the dear old friends of mitt. as jeff foxw
. >> if santorum can win in ohio, he will survive. >> if mitt romney wins ohio, he takes a giant step forward. >> if santorum can squeak this guy... >> if romney wins in ohio... >> santorum can't afford to lose ohio. >> if romney wins ohio. >> if santorum wins there, the whole omlette is up in the air. it may land on the floor. [laughter] >> jon: you have run out of metaphors. the omlette? what, are you staying at a hotel where an omlette bar? the omlette bar. ohio, huh? so that's it. so ohio is the decisive state. whoever wins that one, that's it. and if i'm not mistaken... >> romney delaird the winner in ohio. >> oh, okay. thanks for coming. that's a wrap. we're just going to sit back. show's over plsm romney, good luck in the general election. i'm going to smoke my pipe and watch book notes as i do unwinding after a hard day at the satire factory, unless... >> romney eked out the win in ohio. >> he barely won in the all-important state of ohio. >> mitt romney won the map but he lost the momentum. >> he could not deliver a knock-out punch. >> the republican race far from over, folks. [laugh
jon stewart takes a look at mitt romney's southern strategy of saying y'all, talking about grits, and hanging with jeff foxworthy. that clip coming up later in the show. first let's get to the news here at 30 rock in new york city. new protests broke out overnight in afghanistan as anger continues to build over the rogue u.s. army sniper alleged to have killed 16 afghan civilians early sunday in a door to door shooting spree about a mile from his military base. hundreds of students gathered today to call for the soldier's assassination. the massacre is reframing the debate inside the white house where some of the advisers reports are urging president obama to speed up the withdrawal of american forces from that country. today's "new york times" says one option under consideration would reduce the number of troops by an additional 20,000 or more by 2013. those talks have been underway to weeks, but given the new set back, some members of the administration feel the mission has reached the point of diminishing returns. no decision on troop levels have been made and both president o
. no matter, what this will not be gingrich's last stand. >> long stretch ahead of us. mitt romney is looking for a knockout punch. >> if the polls are right, we will pick up some delegates. >> tonight, results on the way in contests that could change the republic race anger in afghanistan. protests grow in the wake of a u.s. soldier's alleged attack that killed 16 civilians. >> i have directed the pentagon to make sure that we spare no effort in conducting a full investigation. plus gunfire erupts at a memorial for the victims and more people are now dead. the homeless as walking high i hot spots. supporters say it helps them earn a living. critics argue it's just plain demeaning. we will hear from homeless folks themselves to find out what they think. and the jet pack pilot who took on a race car. election alert. first from fox this tuesday night. the first polls close just 90 section ago in the g.o.p. southern showdown. less than an hour now until all the voting is complete in mississippi and alabama and right now here's what we know. it is an interesting night for mitt romney in the state
and tip-off is tomorrow. can romney win at least one state to claim he can win in the south? can santorum become the sole romney challenger? and then there's this question. would romney even have a chance if he had to take on either of these guys one on one. >>> speaking of march madness, a poll of likely republicans in alabama show 14% believe president obama is a fellow christian. in mississippi, the figure is 12%. and the majority there say he's a muslim. >>> plus it's no secret there's a gender gap in this country politically with democrats holding an edge with women. now the obama campaign is looking to seize the moment and use republican efforts to limit abortion rights and access to contraception to create an insurmountable lead in women in november. >>> also what are we to make of the horrible rampage of the soldier in afghanistan? the calls for the u.s. to get out of there are getting louder and louder. >>> and what did steve smith think of the movie "game change." he fesses up in the sideshow. we begin with cynthia tucker, a visiting professor. and chris cillizza is a political
>>> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," southern discomfort, romney complains about the damage of a pro longed fight. >> can you imagine anything that would be a bigger gift to barack obama than us us not having a nominee until the end of august. it's not going to happen. >> with 90 delegates at stake and no clear front-runner, santorum and gingrich are slogging on. >> we have been running a, marathon breathing through a straw. we are sucking hard on that straw trying get as much air as we can in. >> we have a chance to break loose. it would be be so close that we would be moving forward, that everyone would move forward. >> let the spin begin. meanwhile, massacre in afghanistan, new protests after u.s. soldier goes on a killing spree. president obama said that the fall out will not drive america out. >> make no mistake, we have a strategy that will allow us to responsibly wind down this war. we are transitions to the afghans that are moving into the lead. that will allow us to bring our roops home. >> and today president obama hosts prime minister david cameron for his first o
santorum to make that case that he's the alternative to mitt romney. and what that takes is for newt gingrich to not do as well as he needs. deep south day has to be a big night for newt gingrich. if it isn't, it opens up a path for rick santorum to be more of an obvious challenger and more of what he'd like to see a one on one with mitt romney. what's made this more interesting is how much support there appears to be for mitt romney. in just talking to people in mississippi and alabama, and it's a bit of the polling. but there's a sense that romney, who is perceived by some voters as being the best candidate against president obama, is getting some support where people thought he wouldn't find it. for santorum, this is about securing more credibility, picking up delegates, and trying to connect with voters who hear his message and like him on social issues, economic issues, and he's tried to do it the old-fashioned way and being in louisiana tonight is a part of that. trying to put his presence in states for as much time as possible to get attention ahead of the game. that's why he'
at mississippi where 40 delegates are at stake and this new poll has newt gingrich with 33, romney with 31, santorum 37, all within this very 4% margin of error. very close. in alabama with its 50 dell bullets, p.p.p. is giving romney the lead with 31, 30 and 29. ron paul is off to the side. p.p.p. asks for voters in those states if they thought that president obama was a muslim or a christian. this has been talked about a lot today. i think the reason is because the answer is shocking. it shocked me, i'm sure it's going to shock you too. in alabama 45% of gop voters believe that president obama is a muslim. in mississippi 52% of gop voters believe that he's a muslim. i just find that amazing but here to discuss the latest polls and the state of the gop race in the south we're going to turn to alabama and steve flowers steve is a veteran political reporter at wake tv in montgomery alabama. glad to have you with us. >> thank you governor. glad to be with you. >> i just love the way you say it even. all right. [ laughter ] >> i just want to know. >> you're one of the prettiest governors in t
and santorum. earlier mitt romney holding a campaign rally in missouri. news on the economy. the federal reserve says four major banks, the citigroup, the nation's third largest bank, the feds saying 15 of 19 major banks did pass the test. also the fed today with more optimism on the overall economy saying the unemployment rate will gradually decline through the rest of this year and the crisis in europe continues to threaten the global economy, but the threat for the moment has eased. strong day on wall street with the market up more than 200 points. let's begin with our lead story, the president coming to the roads garden on a summer-like day in our nation's capital as he took aim at china and trade policies. the president telling reporters the case ceases to force china to lift export limits on certain minerals known as rare earths. here is more from the president's announcement earlier in the day. >> one of the things i talked about during the state of the union address is making america more competitive in the global economy. the good news is that we have the best workers and the be
wins as they battle it out with mitt romney. >>> exactly what is at stake we have kelly rice. thank you for being here. >> good morning to you as well. it's decision time in alabama and mississippi. voter also go to the polls to decide who will win primary day. the race shows a three-way race between mitt romney and rick santorum. >> do you think we havei think a good chance to win both states. governor romney will get most one out of every three delegates. once again he will fall dramatically short. >> romney is hoping to pull off wins from both states. he has jeff fox worthy to help get out the vote. romney would like to win in the south to solidify his hold as a frontrunner. if he loses he is still confident he will go on to win the nomination. >> no, absolutely not. john mccain didn't win any of these states alabama or mississippi. we are delighted we are doing so well there. the polls are suggesting it's kind of a three-way tie. it's an away game for me. >> evangelical christians and conservatives the core of the gop. rick santorum is hoping those voters will propel him to a victor
polls have mitt romney, rick santorum and newt gingrich running neck in neck. both states, the stakes are high. romney is trying to convince republicans he can seal the deal while santorum and gingrich are both fighting to become the conservative alternative. willard's already moved on to the next round of voting. he is about to take the stage in liberty, missouri, for his only public speech of the night. he is gearing up for his sourry's caucuses, which start tomorrow. santorum has moved on to louisiana, where republicans won't be voting for another two weeks. gingrich is the only one spending eelection night with the folks who voted today. it is change that romney and santorum took off so fast. they couldn't get enough time with these folks over the past few days. >> morning i can't. >> i got kin here in mississippi. >> i heard they got the best grits, looking forward to having some. >> i like grits, i like cheese grits, like grits with gravy, a number of ways you can have grits. got started right this morning with a biscuit and some cheesy grit, i tell ya. >> grits? that's one thin
southern primaries close. alabama and mississippi. to see if mitt romney's electability passes its southern stress test. the mississippi governor is going to join us. one more story we're covering tonight. president obama tells china to play fair on key commodities. he is going to haul them off to the world trade organization and, you know what, folks, i am going to agree with the president on this one. we begin with the markets. it was a terrific day. dow up 218 points. s&p jumping 25 points. nasdaq up 56 points to get past 3,000. for the first time ever the dow is over 13,000, while at the same time the nasdaq over 3,000. now, cnbc's own bob pasani live at his host at the new york stock exchange. >> good evening. it's time for some excitement down here, don't you think so? i think we had three separate events here today that helped move stocks. sort of a perfect storm for the stock market today. look what we had, number one here. we had global growth issues. china, maybe in for a soft landing. maybe not in for a hand laddering. the u.s. economy is slowly improving. we had retail sales bet
with the candidates tonight. first, we'll go to wyatt andrews in liberty missouri with the romney campaign. wyatt. >> scott, afghanistan was an issue today during the romney campaign, now campaign, now in missouri. romney did not blame the afghanistan tragedy on the president or his policies. but but he did say the president was putting too much pressure on the united states military. >> your son in afghanistan, thank you for his service. ather ofter: romney speaking to the father of a service member has said that the president has kept the military too small and asked it to do too much. >> our number of troops. you know how many times we saw men and women having to be rotated back to rotated back to afghanistan and iraq. they're stretched to the breaking point in those conflicts. conflicts. >> reporter: that line about a breaking point was significant because the serviceman responsible for the afghan murders had served three tours in iraq before deploying to afghanistan. >> we should >> we should increase our number of active duty personnel by 100,000 and make sure we give our veterans the care
's like every week -- >> here we go again. the same questions looming. can mitt romney win over the most conservative in his own party and will rick santorum and newt gingrich continue to split the conservative vote. >>> criticism over a new poll showing republicans, so many of them south, still believe the president is muslim. why it's being called faulty and misleading. >>> it's what's for dinner. a study claims even the smallest amount of red meat could lead to an early death. is it all hype. >>> using the homeless to hawk wi-fi. an unheard of practice at a huge music festival in texas is being slammed for exploitation of the most in need. >>> i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following breaking news. we have live pictures from andrews air force base where david cameron is arrived just a short time ago, only moments ago. this visit comes as the crisis if afghanistan grows following the massacre of 12 afghans involving a u.s. soldier. just a few hours ago president obama insisted the u.s. is committed to finish the job in afghanistan despite a new york times report that the adminis
-on-one with governor romney and santorum. >> let's talk about what people are heading out to the polls for in the south. are voters choosing between the candidates thinking more about the economy or think religion and social issues dictate the outcome of their vote? >> i think the people in mississippi are concerned about the same thing as the people in other states, and that's the economy. we have the unemployment rate over 10%. we have some of the areas in our state not only the poorest in the region but some of them are the poorest in the country. and i think we are concerned about jobs and which of these candidates will be able to fix the economy, but really which of the candidates will defeat president obama is first and foremost on the minds of mississippi republicans. >> you mentioned alabama's governor and the subject of religion in politics. that recently came up with the conversation with the governor. take a listen to this. >> do you think mitt romney's religion will be an issue in your state, governor? >> well, i think that's a very subtle issue that probably, maybe a problem in many states
at a polling site in mobile. mitt romney looking to make a breakthrough with southern voters. newt gingrich in desperate need of another win. >> i think that three years ago we sent to washington a message. i think it is time to send a president to washington who can fix things in this country. >> i want to tell you it is a very, very close. we think we have a good chance to win both states. patti ann: rick santorum meanwhile casting himself as the only true conservative in the race and calling on southern voters that he should be the one competing against mitt romney. >> it is very, very clear where this race is headed if the people of alabama and mississippi are willing to step up for us and say we want this to get to a two-person race. we want this to be a race but we have an opportunity not at a convention. bill: in all 84 delegates on the line in those two states and byron york at his post, chief political correspondent, washington examiner. you've canvased the state. what is your sense in alabama? >> good morning, bill. it is an absolute dead heat. we have polls in alabama showing mit
of momentum in the long road to the convention in tampa. wolf blitzer on cnn questioning mitt romney on the campaign trail and a question about a new super pac ad by rick santorum's supporters. here's mitt romney's response. >> well, you know, it's been interesting that facts check has looked at rick santorum's claims over the last several ads and the things that he said and in almost every case it said that santorum's attacks have been baseless and wrong. they gave him four pinocchios or something like that. obviously, we left massachusetts with over $2 trillion rainy day fund and a balanced budget. so i'm afraid his conclusions are exactly wrong. but you know, senator santorum is at the desperate end of his campaign and is trying in some way to boost his prospects and frankly misrepresenting the truth. >> why do you think he's at the desperate end of his campaign? >> well, i mean he's far behind in the delegate count. he's far behind in the popular vote count. if you look at the math of how many delegates that he would have to win to become the nominee it's a very difficult road fo
] speaking of not really being there, mitt romney. [laughter and applause] last night... last night was super tuesday, a ten-state g.o.p. primary orgy, a big, sweaty pile of lever-yanking republican voters, and like most orgy, it involves a bunch of middle-aged guys who are not appealing to women. now, i will say, it is impressive that at his age and weight newt gingrich is still able to maintain an e. -- election. thank you, michael. good man. now, last week in preparation for super tuesday, i started counting down to the moment that i must finally accept romney'sen evidentability and realize my long-standing love and support for this man once there is no other choice. so let's see how much time is left. jim, bring up the countdown to loving mitt clock. oh, no. two minutes 45 seconds. really? aren't i supposed to get last meal first? i'm scared. pull it together, colbert. grow up. everybody has to compromise, except anyone in congress. okay. okay. i mean, how hard can it be? i trained myself to like olives. so, jim, i know romney won six states last night, just play the pundits telling me he
, once up over romney and santorum is now in a dead heat with both of them. so, so much for the g.o.p. primary hurting republicans. so much for the spin that the economy is in this major rebound. and so much for the idea that obama is sailing to re-election. of course the democrats want to change the subject to a wholly contrived war on women narrative. if there is a war on women, it's on women's pocketbooks. it's being waged by president obama. that's the memo. now on to the top story, reaction. joining me from philadelphia is jennifer brant, she is a family law attorney. okay, jennifer. fair and balanced here. tell me why laura ingraham is wrong on this. >> well, you are absolutely wrong because the republics are actually putting this issue out there and giving hillary clinton and others something to talk about. when you have someone like rush limbaugh coming out and making derogatory remarks and attacks. laura, come on, you have to agree to me that's totally offensive oand obnoxious and unnecessary. and it makes people worried. it makes women worried about what is the future an
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